Spring Jelly Roll Quilt

What’s under my needle today

             Sew & Sew Jelly Roll Quilt    

I have been picking up this quilt and working on it here and there between projects for months now. With spring items out in store and pastel everywhere I just feel the need to finish this quilt. 

It started with the love of Chloe’s Closet Jelly Roll Sew & Sew and a quick search on Thimble Blossoms Website.

The retro print and pastel colours of Sew & Sew called to me for the fabric of the quilt.

I love Camille Roskelley’s quilt patterns because she designs them for use with pre-cut fabrics. I was wanting a bit of a challenge with the use of points in my quilting so I chose the Hopscotch Quilt Pattern.

Camille Roskelly


The PDF pattern printed with true-to-size paper templates. When cutting a lot of pieces with a rotary cutter it will slowly trim away small slices of the paper so using a plastic template will ensure accurate cutting. So I used my Super 60 Quilting Ruler instead to cut my pieces, using cardboard would also be a better option than paper.


I placed the paper templates on top of the plastic template and marked the exact line with Washi Tape so that the paper template matched the plastic template exactly. Then I cut all my pieces.


What was important during the cutting step was keeping track of all the pieces. The way I kept track was to place the cut pieces into assigned baggies. I don’t know about you, but I also have other projects on the go and so keeping organized helps reduce frustrations when coming back to work on it. Once I had all the pieces cut the construction of the top was a breeze.


I really enjoyed piecing of the hopscotch quilt. It was quick, fun and appeared more difficult than it was to do. It is sure to get a lot of ooohs and ahhhs from admiring loved ones!

Sew & Sew Jelly Roll


I chose a buttery yellow for the backing which went perfect with the blues, pinks, and greens of the top. All the colours make for a happy spring quilt! I free-motion quilted the quilt sandwich with a meandering line because it also is quick and easy and I love the antique look of the finished quilt when used. 

Check out my Instagram Page for a final picture of this sweet quilt.


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